Cory R. Cole Discusses the Physical and Mental Benefits of Surfing

Surfing Strengthens Your Muscles and Your Balance, Says Cory R. Cole

Surfing is a full-body workout that exercises every major muscle group in your body. And because you’re using pure bodyweight–isometric exercise–your muscles become much more toned than if you were just lifting weights at the gym, says Cory R. Cole.

Surfing Improves Your Mental Health

Surfing isn’t just about performing amazing physical stunts. It’s also about a spiritual connection with the water. “Sometimes, in between waves, you just sit there on your board and look out at the water,” says Cory R. Cole. “It’s the most powerful de-stressor I’ve experienced in my life.”

Cory R. Cole talks about the benefits of surfing
Cory R. Cole on the benefits of surfing



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Cory R. Cole

Cory R. Cole

Cory R. Cole is a graduate of Rutgers University, Cory R. Cole played soccer his entire life even in College. Cory Cole currently lives in Brielle NJ.